10 Family Weekend Adventures in Downtown Farmville!


It’s Saturday!

Congratulations, mamas and daddies—you’ve kept your kids alive another week!  

Now you have to figure out how in the world to keep them busy all weekend.  Luckily, there are lots of fun things to do with kiddos in this little town that we love!


1. Fuel up!

IMG_0650Uptown Coffee Cafe (236 N. Main St.) opens at 7 a.m. on Saturdays, which is good because children don’t know the meaning of “sleeping in.” Grab your favorite warm beverage (Mama needs caffeine and order a breakfast sandwich for fuel—you’re going to need it to keep up today. Little ones can share a croissant-donut or a muffin if a sandwich is too much for them to take on.


 2. Go for a spin!

20150523_02Make your way a block down the street to The Outdoor Adventure Store (318 N. Main St.) and rent bikes to take out on the High Bridge Trail. They even have bikes with baby seats and pull-behind carts. The kids will enjoy being outside and so will you, including getting in that much-needed exercise you’ve been talking about all week.  (If you have a child attached to your bike in any way, that counts as double the exercise, so two weeks’ worth instead of one!)  

3. Share the love!

IMG_0527Stop at the Main Street entrance to High Bridge Trail  for a photo op at the “Love” sign.  The kiddos will love (pun intended) climbing all over the letters and posing for a picture. And you’ll love a chance to snap yet another photo of them that will probably end up on Facebook but will never make it into that scrapbook you’ve been trying to make for the last four years.

4. Explore the Market!

20140803_03Head over to the Farmer’s Market on North Street between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. for another photo in front of our beautiful Monty Montgomery warehouse mural while enjoying your pick of local produce, meats and crafts. Bring some sidewalk chalk, and the kiddos can decorate the pavement while you shop around.

5. Make Something Beautiful! 

Downtown-Pictures-3.5.15-255After biking and marketing, you’ll be ready for a break with air conditioning.  Hop down the street to Red Door 104 (you guessed it: 104 N. Main St.) and participate in one of their workshops or classes. You’ll enjoy getting your hands messy in the paints, glue and other art supplies. They have everything you need for a project and budget-friendly prices, so you don’t have to worry about carrying supplies with you through the day.

6. Lunch Break!

IMG_0659Time for lunch! Macado’s (200 E. Third St.) Saturday special is Reuben sandwiches for $7.25, and with a side included, they’re delicious and filling. Macado’s is a great family-friendly lunch option and has lots of yummy food that both kids and adults will enjoy.  Sit outside on the patio and enjoy the beautiful weather.




7. Grab some quiet time…. Kind of


Walk over to Barnes & Noble (116 South St.) after lunch to pick up some children’s books, souvenirs or Longwood gear. GO WOOD!





8. Rock & Roll!

IMG_0630Time for another unique photo opportunity!  Stop into Amish Originals (209 N. Main St.)  to look at their beautiful Amish-made furniture and to take a picture with the kids on the giant rocking chair! By this time you’ll be needing a nap and, naturally, the kids will still be going strong, so try to resist passing out on one of their beautiful beds.  You can do this! Don’t let them break you!



9. Sugar High For Days….

FullSizeRenderStop the early-afternoon energy slump by grabbing a homemade lemonade and kettle corn from Walker’s Diner at 309 N. Main St. (Yes, the one that was on TV! Ty Pennington actually stood on that very floor!  Melt!) The kettle corn is easily shareable, and if you’re feeling generous you can let the kids sip from your lemonade, though you’ll probably want it all to yourself.


10. Time To Splash!

IMG_0616Take your refreshments over to the fountains on Brock Commons at Longwood and let the kids go wild playing in the water while you relax. You’ve earned it after this long, busy day in Farmville!