7 Last-Minute Ideas for Valentines Gifts Available in Downtown Farmville

1. Let him know he’s a hoot with a gourd animal from Guinea Creek Crafts.

Connie Richmond at Guinea Creek Crafts gourd animals

Connie Richmond, who owns Guinea Creek Crafts with her husband Fred, likes these gourd animals. The owls are particularly cute.

2. Jewelry is always a sure bet. How about a necklace from The Sleeping Bee?

Christyna Mencarini at The Sleeping Bee Necklace

Christyna Mencarini, who works at The Sleeping Bee, picked out this necklace as something she’d love to receive on Valentines Day. Christyna likes the color and delicacy, but she especially likes how good it will look on her when she has a tan!

3. Make sure she has a safe place to keep that necklace. Check out this jewelry box from Amish Originals!

Amanda Carneal at Amish Originals jewelry box

Amanda Carneal, who works at Amish Originals, would love to receive this pretty jewelry box on Valentines Day. Amanda said it would remind her of the gift giver every time she picked out a piece of jewelry.

4. Would your valentine rather be outside? How about a High Bridge shirt from The Outdoor Adventure Store?

Greg Mees at The Outdoor Adventure Store High Bridge tshirt

Greg Mees from The Outdoor Adventure Store would pick out this High Bridge shirt to give someone for Valentines Day. The shirts are new to the store and feature different designs. Greg likes this shirt best because it features an old photograph of the bridge from the time of the Civil War.

5. Does your valentine spice up your life? Why not buy them an appetizer set from j fergeson gallery?

Jarrod Fergeson at j fergeson gallery tray of dishes

Jarod Fergeson, owner of j fergeson gallery, suggested this appetizer set and has already given a similar one to his wife Lara. Lara likes it because she can put all of her pickles in it but they’ve used it for many other items including fruit loops!

6. Is she one of a kind? Let her know with something unique like this vintage porcelain pitcher and bowl set from Ashby Antiques.

Ann Sanderson at Ashby Antiques Vintage Porcelain Pitcher and Bowl Set

Ann Sanderson, owner of Ashby Antiques, picked out this vintage Maddock porcelain pitcher and bowl set as an especially beautiful and unique gift for Valentines Day. It is a complete set from England in the early 1900’s. Additional items include a toothbrush holder and chamber pot!

7. If all else fails, remember: you’ve already given your heart. Just let them know…. Or give them a heart-shaped reminder like this heart mobile from Mainly Clay.

J.J. Eisfelder Mainly Clay Heart Mobile

JJ Eisfelder from Mainly Clay picked out this mobile as something she’d like to give as a gift for Valentines Day. This is a new item that JJ makes herself and she really likes how it came out.