8 Easy Ways To Highlight Your Business

facebookpageWhere would Farmville Downtown be without its businesses?

Do people even realize how much is available downtown?

Well, if they don’t now, we hope they will soon.

The Farmville Downtown Partnership is scheduling stories and updates for the upcoming year and we’d like to include you. Our story will focus on your business’ unique contribution to downtown. We will help introduce you to students and out-of-town visitors.

There are several ways we’d like to do this.

  1. A story: we’d love to write about who you are, why you’re here, what you love about Downtown and what you can offer. We’ll sit down for an interview, take some pictures and be done in no time. The story will be published on our website, shared on social media and perhaps even included in our quarterly newsletter. There is no cost to you.
  2. Facebook Highlights: beyond linking to a story about you and your business, we’d love to highlight you through social media. Here are some suggestions.
  3. Sales, special offers or special events
  4. Celebrations: your business’ anniversary, your birthday, etc.
  5. Significant Happenings: if you win an award, meet a goal/milestone, or are running a special offer or campaign.
  6. Trending topics. Is it Breast Cancer Awareness Month and you sell Komen for the Cure products? Send a picture and let folks know. Is everyone talking about the new exotic espresso drink and you happen to serve it downtown? Let us know!
  7. Spontaneous news can be a big hit on social media, too. Did something interesting or fun happen in your store today? Did you make a customer especially happy? Did someone travel two hours just to visit your store? If so, let us know.
  8. Send us pictures! Pictures of your staff, specials, customers. It doesn’t have to be great photography. Just grab your cellphone. Be sure to include a few faces. Pictures of people are a big hit on Facebook.

You can submit content on our website, www.farmvilledowntown.com, cialis5mg-online under the “Why Farmville Downtown?” tab.

To request a story, contact Ilsa Loeser at ilsamloeser@gmail.com.

For social media highlights and coverage, contact Mary Jo at stocktonmj@longwood.edu.