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At the beginning of 2012, Farmville Downtown was officially launched as one of Virginia’s newest Main Street® cities. The broad support from across Farmville was in evidence at a January 23rd kickoff event celebrating this milestone.

Farmville’s downtown district belongs to all of us who call Farmville “home.” Just as we tend our gardens and prepare for family events, the effort to build a stronger downtown community lies with us.

As a non-profit organization, your support is critical to the effort. The opportunity for community involvement as volunteers, financial supporters, and advocates will result in the comprehensive revitalization envisioned for Downtown Farmville.


The Mission of Farmville Downtown is to bring together the residents, merchants, and students of Farmville to preserve downtown’s role as the center of our historic community, and to plan for the future of Farmville as an exciting and profitable place to live, learn, open a business, and visit.


  • to preserve the historical character of a small college town and to promote the economic and cultural vitality of its future.
  • to develop the commercial and cultural heart of this college community by preserving its historical appeal while promoting a future of bright economic prospects for merchants and vibrant entertainment and recreational opportunities for residents and visitors.
  • to help enrich the economic and cultural quality of life for Farmville’s residents, students, merchants, and visitors by building on its historical appeal and helping to realize its commercial, residential, and entertainment potential.
  • to capitalize on the pride and enthusiasm of Farmville’s residents and merchants in order to develop a stronger community spirit.


Managing Partner | Farmville Area Chamber of Commerce

Board of Directors

Meetings: 4th Friday of each month, 8:00 am

All meetings on zoom until further notice.

President | Jen Cox

Vice President | Pam Butler

Treasurer | Matt Agnor

Secretary | Michelle Walters

Board Member | Travis Mason

Board Member | Patricia Carter

Board Member | Emily Pilk

Board Member | Caryn Kayton

Board Member | Julie Flores

Board Member | Dr. Scott Davis

Board Member | Rev. Susie Thomas

Thank You, Sponsors!

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