Carrie's Countdown: Week 1

Fun running became my hobby about one year ago. I got hooked through a Zombie Run. At this race I noticed so many runners had dressed up as zombies, or dressed up to avoid the zombies. Some were dressed in camo, some had group tshirts, and some even wore tutu’s. Since the zombie run I have participated in several races and have enjoyed running in tutu’s. You may have seen my mom, Hannah, a family friend, Elizabeth,  and I dressed up at several different races throughout this past year in our tutu’s.

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Training for a specific race really helps me be motivated when it comes to running otherwise I will let myself off the hook too easily. Along with training for a specific race, working out with a friend is the best motivation out there. Working out with a friend will help to make each other accountable and stay on track with goals. When looking for a workout buddy you want to make sure it is someone who will push you.

I have run two races here in Farmville, first the Foundations/Centra Scholarship 5k in March with my mom and family friend Elizabeth, and my second race was the Heart of Virginia 10k again with my mom and family friend Elizabeth. I am excited to embark training for my third race in Farmville as well as the longest distance I have ever ran. So far I have completed week one of my training. It definitely isn’t as easy as I had hoped! That’s probably because I am getting over being sick though so I am moving forward to week two.

There are so many different training plans out there to choose from I am following a mix of plans. I use the Nike+running, Hal Higdon, and a guide by one of my professors at Hollins. Additionally, I also am doing body weight exercise and videos like pilates or yoga so I am flexible and strong. A good thing to keep in mind for training in addition to running and other workouts is nutrition. There is nothing more personal than what you put in your body and what you eat or drink has a huge influence on how training will go. I use myfitnesspal as well as I write a journal that I write about my workouts, what I ate, my water consumption, and anything else. Using the combination of these systems help me stay on track.

Ever want to share your story about what got you hooked on running? Share with us Saturdays is the outlet for you. Share your story with us through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram from now until the High Bridge Half Marathon and 5k on September 6th. Connect with other runners and see where running has led them. Use the hashtag #runfarmvilledowntown to participate.

If you have any questions or want a workout buddy I will be around all summer running and working out so don’t hesitate to say hi or ask me anything. Be sure to tune in on Tuesdays for my weekly blog entry about training and anything running related!

Happy Running!