Carrie's Countdown: Week 3

As I mentioned in last weeks blog post under the advice of Helen, Lauren, and Sarah to try different things to help with my tonsils and allergies. I tried the teaspoon of honey once a day and a gargled a green tea, honey, and lemon mixture once a day and I am happy to report I am feeling so much better! Sometimes home remedies are superior ineedbride to any pharmaceutical mixture you can buy. Don’t get me wrong there are definitely a time and a place for that regimen, but I always prefer to try a home natural remedy first.

Hydration and nutrition are so important when training as well as pre workout, during, and post workouts. This week the focus is going to be on hydration, next week I will go into details about fueling and what I have been trying. Proper hydration provides so many positive benefits and not hydrated can lead to some serious issues. If you are properly hydrated it can result in increased energy, peak muscle function, less cramping, speedier recovery, and more comfort during physical exertion. Proper hydration can also help to regulate your body temperature, help digestion, assists in delivering glucose to muscles, helps remove toxins from the body, cushions and lubricates joints, and keeps blood thin and circulating. However, not drinking enough water can lead to thirst, cramps, dizziness, lack of urination, confusion, and dark colored urine which can ultimately lead to an increased risk of heatstroke, overheating, exhaustion, lightheadedness, muscle cramps, and an electrolyte imbalance. While hydration is important you also don’t want to “over hydrate.” In some cases if an individual over hydrates it can cause a condition called hyponatremia. So it is important to talk medical professionals for advice about hydration.

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Hydration is the most important thing to do while doing any form of physical activity especially in the heat. When I went to riverside runners and they asked me about hydration I was embarrassed that I am a terrible role model and I am awful at keeping hydrated while working out. I know I admire Sarah because she is always drinking water! So the first thing they showed me was different water bottles I picked out the Nathan Quickdraw Plus water bottle it has an adjustable hand strap as well as a zippered pouch so I can put my house key, id, and fuel for my workout in there. Before we get into some specific recommendations I wanted to give you some things to keep in mind. Remember hydrate everyday, keep a reusable water bottle with you and drink from it in the car while you are work, anywhere! I got one of my water bottles from the Sleeping Bee! When it comes to hydration consistency is key, drinking small amounts of water regularly can help you absorb water more easily and avoid the feeling of water sloshing in your stomach.

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Nathan recommends 22 ounces of fluid for every one hour of activity. So before a run you want to make sure you are properly hydrated which may be 8-16 ounces an hour before you run. During your run you will want to consume about 3-6 ounces every 15-20 minutes. After your run is another essential time to be hydrating so you should consume between 8-16 ounces or enough where you need to use the bathroom within 90 minutes after the conclusion of your run. While these recommendations are great you should experiment and see what your body needs and responds too. Especially with the heat fluid intake may need to be increased. I know I tried to do a 2.5 mile run at 2pm and I had water but the heat was just too much for me and I hadn’t properly hydrated and I felt sick for the rest of the night. You can use electrolyte drinks like Gatorade to replenish the body and keep the body functioning normally. For instance in your water bottle you can put in a little Gatorade and mix water with it.

With the summer comes everyone trying to get in great shape and with that I have seen so many different posts and recipes about detox water. Detox water can help you with different things as well as be a refreshing break from plain water consumption. You can find a lot of different recipes. One of my favorites is about 3-5 slices of cucumber, half a lemon, and 10 or so mint leaves. At first I could taste the mint and then I actually smashed the mint leaf a little and that really helped the flavor come through. Sarah drinks this water regularly! Some of my favorite recipes come from Blogilates, she has 3 recipes one for belly slimming, one for anti-bloating and anti aging, and one to control cravings and promote beautiful skin. I am still trying out some recipes so if you find one you love let me know!

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How do you do hydrate? What are some ways you keep hydrated? Do you love detox water or have your own recipe? Share your story with us through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram from now until the High Bridge Half Marathon and 5k on September 6th. Connect with other runners and see where running has led them. Use the hashtag #lovefarmvilleva #runfarmvilledowntown to participate.

If you have any questions or want a workout buddy I will be around all summer running and working out so don’t hesitate to say hi or ask me anything. Be sure to tune in on Tuesdays for my weekly blog entry about training and anything running related!

Happy Running!