Carrie's Countdown: Week Four

I have been researching a lot about what constitutes a healthy diet as well as what is best pre, during, and post workouts. I was able to go to Riverside Runners in Lynchburg this past weekend and talk to the staff about pre, during, post fueling and hydration and pick up a few things to try out in my training. I got several different types of workout fuel some for pre workout and most for during workout. For the half marathon they will be giving out Gu so I got a few flavors to sample and to figure out how my body reacts to it. The biggest trick to fueling especially with distance running is experimentation. When I asked people on message boards and at riverside runners about fueling everyone suggested to experiment and to figure out what works for me. So I will keep you updated with what I try. Here is everything I got at Riverside Runners: Gu, sport beans, energy fruit snacks, honey waffle. Remember the biggest thing about diet and nutrition is to consult a nutritionist or your doctor before changing your diet completely. I am just giving my recommendations and what works for me.


When it comes to an overall diet. I normally try to stick to clean eating or paleo diet. Of course I am not perfect so I don’t maintain it twenty four seven. The biggest factor for a healthy diet is portion control. Portion sizes are so much bigger than what we actually need they say you should only eat until you are 80% full. That way you can avoid the gross bloating feeling. The biggest thing with the paleo diet or eating clean is just eating foods that haven’t been overly processed so you are getting the most out of them. With this is also trying to cut out refined sugar so for instance I use agave sweetner instead of refined sugar and I actually like it more than sugar and find sugar is too sweet now. So it is switching out white bread for whole wheat bread. I tried paleo for the month of January because the couple I stayed with followed it. Of course I don’t follow things to the letter such as completely cutting out dairy but I need cream for my coffee so that was a necessary exception not just for me but also for anyone who has to encounter me. So below are some pictures of one dinner we had. My mom and I got some veggies out of our garden and mixed it in with spinach and some other salad greens. Then we had a pasta dish with a tomato sauce with peppers and onions and tomatoes and chicken. Instead of regular pasta I get 100% whole wheat pasta. I have also used zucchini instead of pasta before and I actually really enjoyed it.

zuchinni pastazuchini pasta with saucehealthy dinnersaladagave sweetner

I have done a fair amount of research and see a lot of this information on pinterest which is another good way to get information its free and there is so much information on the internet. Just don’t go overboard and then not actually do anything; I know I have gotten sidetracked before. A good rule of thumb is the closer to the workout the less food you should eat. Pre-Workout fueling really depends on the time of your run and how much in advance you are fueling. Not to get too much into detail but before a workout especially cardio you want to make sure you have easily digestible food. Part of this is because you want your body to focus its energy on your workout not digesting food. Some examples of food you can eat would be honey waffle, coconut water; celery sticks with almond or peanut butter, a handful of nuts. If you are hoping to prevent an empty stomach you can have a banana, or yogurt, or an English muffin. If you want to focus on fat burning you can have some cereal or whole-wheat toast with peanut butter. If you trying to build muscle you can try and have some pita and hummus or oatmeal.

When it comes to nutrition and fueling during a workout things are a little bit different. I normally do not eat anything while I workout however as my runs are increasing in length I am exploring my options. The longer the runs are the more they use up what your body has stored and need more carbs to replenish what is lost to continue. The biggest thing about fueling during your workout is to try different things until you know what works for you. I am excited to try the sports beans and Gu’s.

My absolute favorite post workout snack is a peanut butter protein smoothie that has chocolate and bananas in it. It’s nice to indulge in a healthy way post workout its high in carbs, protein, and fat, which helps my body and me to recover from my workout. A lot of different things I have read recommend that post workout you should enjoy things that are high in protein such as smoothies. I am not someone who can eat immediately after working out however it is important to eat within two hours of working out.

How do you do fuel up before a workout, during a workout, or post workout? What are some recipes you use? Share your story with us through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram from now until the High Bridge Half Marathon and 5k on September 6th. Connect with other runners and see where running has led them. Use the hash tag #lovefarmvilleva #runfarmvilledowntown to participate.

If you have any questions or want a workout buddy I will be around all summer running and working out so don’t hesitate to say hi or ask me anything. Be sure to tune in on Tuesdays for my weekly blog entry about training and anything running related!

Happy Running!