Carrie's Countdown: Week Two

One of the most important things is that you have to take care of yourself and listen to your body. Week 2 has been a bit of a struggle, not because of illness, but allergies. I seriously don’t know how everyone who always gets them handles it. Normally I am not someone to get allergies and after a beautiful runs outside it seems like I have come down with them. I have heard of few good remedies I am planning on trying and will let you all know how they work! Since I have tonsil issues my internship supervisor, Helen, recommended to gargle hot green tea with honey and lemon and it will help clear everything out. Another tip I received from my other interns, Lauren and Sarah, is to buy local honey and eat a spoonful of local honey for a few days and it is a way to naturally introduce the allergen into your system and allows your to more or less inoculate yourself. I got some green tea from the Miller’s Country Store, and the local honey I got it from the bakery. So until all of this clears up and I test these theories I will be working out in at the YMCA or at home safe from the outdoors.

bakerypic bakeryhoney

So while fighting all of this sickness and allergies, the concept of active rest days really stuck with me. I follow a group called workitout100 where their goal is to workout every single day for 100 days, that way you are building a lifestyle. And it isn’t really healthy to do an intense workout every day but they move their body’s everyday so they employ the concept of “active rest days”. On an active rest day you might just go for a walk and do an ab workout, or do a yoga video. So this week I haven’t done a lot of serious running for times but I have done a lot of active rest days and just really focused on stretching and flexibility. I am still doing my runs but in a different way, instead of worrying about time my runs this week have been about looking at all my surroundings and taking in the beauty of Farmville. I got some great pictures on my 3.2 mile run on the high bridge trail!


Like I have mentioned this week I have been focusing a lot more active rest days. I follow three women Karena and Katrina who own tone it up and then Cassey who owns blogilates. I have been doing a lot of yoga or Pilate’s videos by these women that I have found through their youtube accounts. I am all about free things and there are so many great free videos online. I have been following blogilates more so I tend to follow those workouts a little more. I do full bodywork out video from blogilates and then if I feel like one area needs more help I search youtube for either tone it up videos or blogilates videos for that section of my body and then I do a stretching video. Then my favorite thing is to foam roll post workout. It gets out most of my knots in my back, legs, and arms, everywhere! My favorite thing about these videos is usually you do not need anything except a mat on the floor and yourself.

How do you do active rest days? What are some good online resources you use? Share your story with us through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram from now until the High Bridge Is There Any Dependency on Tadalafil And How To Avoid it? Half Marathon and 5k on September 6th. Connect with other runners and see where running has led them. Use the hashtag #lovefarmvilleva #runfarmvilledowntown to participate.

If you have any questions or want a workout buddy I will be around all summer running and working out so don’t hesitate to say hi or ask me anything. Be sure to tune in on Tuesdays for my weekly blog entry about training and anything running related!

Happy Running!