Destination: Crute Stage


As we are nearing our August concert, I can’t help but reflect on the past three months of music and all that has happened since summer began. Between writing press releases, interviewing artists and sending out feature stories, I have gained a lot of knowledge about music promotion. Interning, I have watched this town fill up the Crute stage grass, and fill the seats of The Café at Poplar hall. Back in May, Los Carleenos and The Gary Hickman Band gave us a taste of the music of Farmville, as Ashley “Hoop girl” Russell and her friend were there to tease and terrify our sense with their acrobatic routine. Smiles and applause continued into June’s concert as Farmville welcomed Jazz group, Butcher Brown, into the series. They followed Farmville locals, Live From Mad Cat Alley Jazz, and once again, The Café At Poplar Hall was alive with excitement and music. Finally for our July concert, with the sweet comfort of Bluegrass, we were finally able to enjoy music outside in the summer weather. On Crute Stage, The Stoney Ridge Bluegrass Band and the Allen’s Mill Band gave downtown a Blue Ridge Mountain treat. It was a show that all ages enjoyed and it has given promise to the success of next month’s concert- Kana Kiehm and Dead Professional.

This series has been much more than a concert series; it has been a way for the people of Farmville to gather together to enjoy one thing: music. I have always loved music, music binds emotion to experience, and music moves our souls and our bodies. Music finds a way to lift our spirits and play with our hearts. Witnessing live music resonate through Downtown this summer gives me the affirmation that others also feel the same about music. This concert series has allowed all ages, sizes, backgrounds, and cultures to gather together under one unifying experience, enjoying live music.

As always, The Main Street Music Series is grateful to its sponsors for allowing this to happen: WFLO Radio AM & FMReal Living Cornerstone; Fourth Street Motors; Virginia Credit Union; Terri Atkins Wilson, Attorney & Counselor-at-Law; and Mainly Clay. Another special thanks to The High Bridge Railroad Club as they open their doors to the public underneath the stage, and The Café at Poplar Hall for catering a thematic menu with fresh, local ingredients to the concerts.

I am excited for the August and September concerts, and the future of The Main Street Music Series. I do not know what is in store for next summer, but I know that it will continue to bring music lovers, Longwood Students and the residents of Farmville together. I hope that you’ll join me for the August 21st concert and enjoy the Reggae music of Kana Kiehm and the garage pop music of Dead Professional.

See you on the grass!