Faces We See In Downtown Farmville: Julian Corbett

Julian M. Corbett | Cafe Supervisor | Barnes & Noble College Bookstore Cafe

What is your favorite aspect about working downtown?

My favorite aspect about working downtown is the increase of traffic through the Barnes and Noble College bookstore. We’ve been around for many years, but moving to the new Main Street location finally makes it feel like we are a part of the town as a whole. What I love about working downtown is the atmosphere that the downtown area provides. It has a very classic look and feel to it.

How long have you worked downtown and where?

I have worked at the downtown location since we first moved here back in late October of 2017, but I’ve been a part of Barnes and Noble College Bookstore for the past six years.

What is your favorite Downtown Farmville memory?

My favorite Downtown Farmville memory was watching the Farmville Community Band play for the Heart of Virginia Festival Parade.

What has changed the most since you have been here?

What has changed the most since I’ve been here is the expansion of Longwood.

What is your favorite place to hang out when you are not working?

My favorite place to hang out in town is Third Street Brewery. It has a very communal and wholesome. Hands down my favorite place in town.

What’s the best dish in town?

The best dish in town is a large meatball pizza from Pinos.


‘Faces We See in Downtown Farmville’ showcases some of the many friendly locals who bring life and flavor to our Main Street District. Do you know of a Downtown Face to be showcased?  Let us know!