Faces We See in Downtown Farmville: Leah Olivier

Leah Olivier | Art Instructor | Red Door 104

What do you love about working downtown?
Working downtown provides that ‘human-fix’ that I don’t get working alone in my studio or on the farm. It is that life affirming place that allows me to teach classes and reconnect with living breathing people!

How long have you worked downtown and where?
I have worked downtown teaching art classes at Red Door 104 for several years now.

What is your favorite Downtown Farmville memory?
This is great. It still makes me giggle. During one of the Farmville Christmas parades, a friend who owned a riding stable, dresses up the animals and children as a ‘live’ nativity scene. But one character stood out. A small pony names Shag was embellished with a hump made of hay in the hopes of a camel effect. In my hopelessly amused mind he looked like a 4 legged haystack with a face.  God love him, he will live in my mind, just like that, forever! Still giggling, can’t help it. BEST CAMEL EVER!

What has changed the most since you have been here?
The variety of people has grown and continues to change. New businesses, restaurants and interests. Something new all the time.

What is your favorite place to hang out when you are not working?
That is a toss up between Uptown Cafe and Charley’s Waterfront Cafe.

What’s the best dish downtown?
That’s easy, the French onion soup at Charley’s, second only to the crab soup at Charley’s. It goes back and forth.

‘Faces We See in Downtown Farmville’ showcases some of the many friendly locals who bring life and flavor to our Main Street District. Do you know of a Downtown Face to be showcased?  Let us know!