Faces We See in Downtown Farmville: Sarah Maddox Dunn

Sarah Dunn | Director | The Veterans Clothes Closet

Sarah Dunn | Director | The Veterans Clothes Closet

What is your favorite aspect about working downtown?

Being part of an amazing “downtown business family”

How long have you worked downtown and where?

Moved into our office on 7/1/2017, 146 N. Main Street Farmville

What is your favorite Downtown Farmville memory?

Too many to mention in just the short period of time we have been downtown!  Best memory is seeing our store serve its purpose within just a few weeks of opening by making a difference in our community and the lives of our military/veteran families! Being able to meet our wonderful neighbors- Mr. Whitlock and his amazing staff, Tommy Pairet and his Father from Pairet’s,  John and Polly Marsden from Marsden’s Law Office, Town/County Office Staff, Pawn Shop Staff, Farmville Barbershop, John Burton with Downtown Farmville, staff from Letterpress and our amazing Chamber of Commerce staff !!! I could go on and on….such a great feeling to know we work with such talented people who truly have the  “town spirit”  and desire to see  a new business succeed! Working with our students from Longwood University who volunteer in our store and seeing the difference they make in our veterans lives with all they do!!!  Everyday we have an opportunity to make a difference in the life of a veteran and their family!!!

What has changed the most since you have been here?

Everyday we are inspired more by what we continue to see happening around us and in the downtown Farmville area. Such a very progressive area with very talented community partners working together to better serve the needs of our Town.

What is your favorite place to hang out when you are not working?

Having a coffee at Uptown Café or Barnes and Noble!  Visiting with other downtown business owners and organizations.

What’s the best dish in town?

Everything on the menu in Charlie’s, Macado’s, Uptown Café, El Patron……..

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