Faces We See in Downtown Farmville: Shirley Jackson Brown

Shirley Jackson Brown| Volunteer | Regional Visitors Center

Shirley Jackson Brown| Volunteer | Regional Visitors Center

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Shirley Jackson Brown. I’ve lived in the Farmville area all of my life.  I went to school here, worked for Harris Teeter, Kroger and Walmart before retiring last year.  I now volunteer at the Heartland Regional Visitor Center on East 3rd Street in downtown Farmville where I love it!  I love meeting and helping the people who come through there.

What is your favorite aspect about working downtown?

Meeting people and talking to them, learning and teaching them about our town.

How long have you worked downtown and where?

One year

What is your favorite Downtown Farmville memory?

Jackson Place, Terry Bakery, Leggetts

What has changed the most since you have been here?

The people, the town has not much diversity in store ownership anymore

What is your favorite place to hang out when you are not working?

I like Riverside Park!

What’s the best dish in town?

Macado’s Western Quesadillas

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