For the Love of Community

Harlan and Reed Horton in front of their office In a quaint little office snuggled in downtown Farmville you will find a very community-oriented couple: an attorney and his manager/wife.  Harlan and Reed Horton first met while attending separate colleges. A mutual friend invited Reed to a Barrister’s Spring Ball in Georgia. Harlan brought a date of his own. The rest is history.

Twenty-two years and two children later, Harlan and Reed share comfortable banter sitting in their office on Main Street as they tell their love story.  The back and forth of their conversation is filled with the warmth of two people whose love is real and honest. They don’t spend as much time during working hours together as one might think, according to Reed. “Most of the day we don’t see each other that often. We have very defined roles at work,” she explains. Harlan’s office is on the second floor of the building while Reed manages things downstairs.

Their love extends past their family. Harlan and Reed adore Farmville; giving back to their community is a priority. Harlan is the president of the Summer Garden Opera, which brings 200 guests into the Horton’s backyard garden every summer for an evening of live opera. Harlan believes offering this relaxed opportunity to experience the art form makes it more accessible to those who wouldn’t normally attend an opera. With the help of many volunteers, they organize the event, again working together to do something they love.

Harlan and Reed Horton in front of their office

When asked, “Why Farmville?” Reed is quick to reminisce about her hometown in Alabama. She remembers riding her bike all day without the worry of big city crimes.  Her mother would say, “Just be home when the street lights come on.” Reed wanted that kind of community for her children. Harlan is a bit more pragmatic. He likes that Farmville has a hospital and is close to a big city without being a big city. Harlan attended Hampden-Sydney College, so he already had a connection to Farmville.

Harlan says having an office on Main Street gives them a feeling of being invested in Farmville Downtown, in the “health and well being of Main Street.” Because of their commitment to the community, Harlan and Reed Horton are two more reasons people are falling in love with Farmville Downtown.

Photography by Courtney Vogel Photography