From the Editor – Winter 2014

What makes downtown the heart of your community? It’s really quite simple, when you think about it: A couple hundred years ago, some folks living in a general vicinity erected a simple clapboard building that served as the meeting house, general store, church, and tavern.

Instead of riding in a buggy over to Clem’s farm or out to Joe’s field, everybody met in a central location to formalize their community, trade goods, worship, and socialize.

Over the years, that one building gave birth to others. Lots were sold. Streets were laid out. Electrical poles were planted. Progress had arrived. That one building had become a thriving commercial district surrounded by houses and buildings of industry.

People still came to that central location to do business, trade goods, worship, and socialize. If something was worth doing, you had to go into town to do it.

It was from this district that the life-blood of the community was pumped and still is today. Around here, if you want quality products, great food, stellar service, or to just take care of business, you come to Farmville Downtown.

Farmville is the Heart of Virginia. Farmville Downtown is the essence that Chinese bride price gives that heart its soul. Come join us. We are the beat of the heartland.