Living Downtown Part 2

Part 2 of 2

Take a stroll in Downtown Farmville mid-day on a Saturday and you will see the streets bustling with cars and the sidewalks busy with shoppers and diners. People sit at the bistro tables and chairs spread throughout the downtown area sipping their coffee and reading a newspaper. A guitarist strums at the plaza as runners and bikers cross Main Street on their way to the High Bridge Trail. Travelers from afar wind around the Green Front buildings looking for their next favorite piece of furniture. Who wouldn’t want to live downtown?

We interviewed Terri Atkins Wilson, who rents out an apartment above her law firm on Main Street and Sam Snyder, who lives in an apartment  owned by Caryn Kayton in Downtown Farmville.

What is great about living downtown?

Sam Snyder: I’m a step away from the High Bridge Trail, and that in an of itself speaks volumes. I can walk to events being held at various places in Historic Farmville. Restaurants, shops, and Green Front, oh my! I like to take my time just looking at the different architecture that is abundant in our small, clean town, which is inspiring! Living downtown can be as exciting and filled with drama as a person could possible desire…or…it can be quiet and drama-free.

Beautiful hardwood floors and stairway in Sam Snyder’s rented apartment, which is owned by Caryn Kayton.

Terri Atkins Wilson: I think that living downtown is great, especially if you also work downtown! Just imagine the benefit of walking to work every day versus having to get in your care and drive there! Think of the benefits of going home for lunch. Also, if you wish to have dinner out, you can walk there as well!

What cool features are you in your space?

Sam Snyder: I have a birds-eye view of the beautiful church across the street that has these large beautiful trees that change with the seasons. I have the whole second floor to myself, with large windows that let in so much natural light. My kitchen is absolutely a show stopper. I love the transoms above each of the interior doors. The apartment is both old and new and has so much character.

The kitchen in Sam Snyder’s apartment.

Terri Atkins Wilson: The coolest feature in my space is the huge skylight. My building appears to have been built around 1910 and the skylight was there in order to give additional light to the space on the first floor. The skylight is still in place today and is a wonderful “window” to the night sky! My front room was once a part of a tavern, so there is the actual wood wainscoting to about shoulder height. There are also three huge windows across the front of my upstairs that vie a great view of Main Street and Prince Edward County Courthouse!

What made you decide to make your space residential?

Terri Atkins Wilson: There is no better time to be living and working in downtown Farmville than right now! I credit Farmville Downtown Partnership and their ability to secure Uptown Coffee Café in downtown Farmville that started the revitalization of downtown Farmville. They began to bring people to downtown on the weekends. Now, there are other eating establishments downtown and the move of Barnes & Noble to the corner of Third and Main has encouraged the students to be a part of this upswing. I also give a huge thanks to those that have invested in improving the downtown and for staying in downtown over the past three decades…waiting for more people to see the benefits of being here!

Terri Atkins Wilson’s building.