Meet Farmville Downtown Partnership: Carrie Boswell


How did you find your way to Farmville?

I found Farmville through a combination of my family and college. I attended Hollins University, an all-women’s institution in Roanoke, Virginia. There I heard about Hampden-Sydney, our “Brother School,” located near Farmville. Additionally, when I was getting ready to go to school, my dad found out he had gotten a job at Lowe’s here in Farmville.

Who asked you to become a part of Farmville Downtown Partnership? Why did you say “yes”?

I originally was looking for a summer internship to complete before I finished my degree at Hollins. I had reached out to Helen Person, the then-executive director of the Farmville Downtown Partnership. I wanted to intern, volunteer, and work with the Partnership because I have a passion for history, people, and small businesses and I could find all of that right here. My internship in the summer of 2014 was working with the High Bridge Half Marathon and 5K. I trained for the race and wrote about it through a blog and other media. This year I was asked to take over as the race director.

If you could be any object located in the Main Street District, what would you be and why?

I would probably want to be one of the street lamps because it is essential to the community. I would see people across all walks of life going through the downtown district as well as get to see the community grow and develop.


What are you busy doing for FDP right now?

I work on various projects at any given time. One of my main projects is working with the High Bridge Half Marathon and 5K. There are some big changes happening this year and it is very exciting for those of us planning and hopefully for the runners as well.

What’s the best kept secret of Farmville Downtown?

I think the best kept secret is Farmville Downtown in general! I think it can be easy to dismiss a small town thinking that you would be limited in activities, stores, dining, ect. However, that is not the case in Farmville! Farmville Downtown truly has something for everyone in all walks of life. The community behind downtown is also so special to this area because they really support local businesses and bring awareness to so much going on here.

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