Meet Farmville Downtown Partnership: Jen Cox

Why do you think FDP is important?
The mission of Farmville Downtown is to bring together residents, merchants, and students to promote events, retail, and recreational opportunities. Farmville Downtown is at the center of our historic community and 2019 brings plenty of new energy and renewed enthusiasm to keep downtown vibrant and active for all ages.

What are your goals for your tenure at President?
The Board of Directors plans to spend 2019 focused on promoting Downtown Farmville through events and activities. We are excited for the 4th annual “SOUP” event on March 29th, the High Bridge Half Marathon and 5K on October 5th, in addition to other events throughout the year.

My biggest goal for the year is to continue to cultivate relationships. We work closely with many groups throughout the year and could not have the success we have had without communication and collaboration. In particular, the Town of Farmville has been incredibly supportive of Farmville Downtown’s events.

How did you find your way to Farmville?
I saw a job posting for a “Residence Education Coordinator” at Longwood University in Spring 2007. I was looking to move back to Virginia after two years of living out of state. I came to Farmville in early May to interview. My interview was the day before graduation and both the town and the campus were absolutely stunning! I was offered the position and started in June 2007.

Who asked you to become part of FDP? Why did you say “yes?”
Dr. John Miller reached out and asked me about my interest in FDP (John was serving as Board President at the time). We spoke for well over an hour about Farmville Downtown, the mission, the vision, etc. At the end of the meeting I was excited to become a member of the board and help promote economic development for downtown. I was also interested in helping carry on the legacy of many of the downtown merchants who worked tirelessly to begin the partnership. FDP has had many devoted merchants, board members, and volunteers over the years and I’m honored to join the ranks of such dedicated community members.

If you could be any object located in the Downtown Distric, what would you be and why?
The LOVE sign! The Farmville LOVE sign captures our history and is beautifully done. I’m always seeing visitors and community members taking pictures near the sign.