Meet Farmville Downtown Partnership: Kerry Mossler, Secretary

Kerry lightened

How did you find your way to Farmville?

I came to Farmville the first time as a student at Longwood College (now University) in 1981. After graduating college, I moved to Richmond, then Powhatan. My husband accepted a job teaching at Hampden-Sydney College. My children were ages 3 and 4 at the time. (They are now 25 and 26!) I was excited to come back to Farmville to raise my family here.

Who asked you to become a part of Farmville Downtown Partnership? Why did you say “yes”?

My neighbor Chuck Ross asked me to serve on the Board. I felt like it was such an important endeavor. (Also, Chuck wouldn’t take no for an answer.) Farmville needs a great downtown for students, visitors, and citizens. As a representative for Centra Southside Community Hospital, a vital downtown is also important for recruiting top physicians and staff.


If you could be any object located in the Main Street District, what would you be and why?

I would be the LOVE sculpture. It reflects Farmvillians’ love of art, nature, history and each other.

Downtown Farmville  (96)

What’s the best kept secret of Farmville Downtown?

The best kept secret of Farmville is the upstairs room at The Bakery. It’s the perfect place to sit and gaze out the window at the bustling downtown, sipping a cup of coffee or a glass of wine lost in peaceful, meditative thought or engaged in lively conversation with a small group of friends.

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