Meet Farmville Downtown Partnership: Perry Carrington

Perry Carrington

How did you find your way to Farmville?

We opened Carrington’s Music here in 1987. My wife was working for what is now Century Link so we decided to make the move.

Who asked you to become a part of Farmville Downtown Partnership? Why did you say “yes”?

Eboni Lee. Because of her passion for the partnership.

IMG_0527If you could be any object located in the Main Street District, what would you be and why?

Probably the LOVE sign. That’s what Farmville is all about.

Do you remember the first time you visited Farmville Downtown? What has changed since then?

It was in the late 50’s when I first visited. Everything has changed. Green Front was a tobacco warehouse. LCVA was Rose’s Department Store. Mainly Clay was The Squire Shop. Too many changes to name.farmvillenorthMeet Farmville Downtown Partnership: a team of citizens dedicated to the growth of our Main Street District. Each month get to  know one of the people “behind the scenes” in this Q&A series. You’ll find unfiltered answers from local folks who are working hard to help Farmville Downtown flourish.