Meet Farmville Downtown: President John Miller


How did you find your way to Farmville?

I moved here in 2009 to teach American literature at Longwood University. I liked that Longwood was a small liberal arts college, but I also liked the idea of living in Farmville. Even when I visited town before moving here, I recognized that this was a unique community: full of history and opportunity, with plenty of things to do in town and nearby.

Who asked you to become a part of Farmville Downtown Partnership?

I saw an article about Jimmy Johnson’s and Chuck Ross’s intent to start this group in The Farmville Herald, and I wrote an email to Jimmy expressing my interest in joining, and he encouraged me to attend that first meeting. I wanted to participate because I had some professional experience in working with redevelopment organizations—I once worked with a public relations firms whose accounts included the Portsmouth and the Norfolk Redevelopment and Housing Authorities—but more than that, I wanted to contribute something to a community that had already given me a lot.

Downtown Farmville  (96)

If you could be any object located in the Main Street District, what would you be and why?

The memorials that are a part of the courthouse—they are quiet but elegant and dignified tributes to the local men and women who fought here and abroad for the furtherance and the protection of liberty and equality.

What’s the best kept secret of Farmville Downtown?

Clothes: Red Front—no one beats their prices on work clothes and hunting gear.

Wine: The Bakery—a great selection of affordable wines, including the best Virginia vintages.

Entertainment: The summertime concerts at Crute Stage—sitting on the grass under a clear sky listening to music; doesn’t get much better than that.




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