Revitalizing Downtown

Almost four years ago, a group of people from around the Farmville community met to begin looking for answers. The question?

How can we get people to come downtown?

As merchant faces changed in the downtown area, participation in merchant associations ebbed and flowed. We knew we needed a different approach.

We looked beyond our immediate community to others in our region and state. The ones that were experiencing success in their towns had a common thread: the Main Street program.

The Main Street  Four  Point  Approach looks at the traditional downtown from more than a business perspective.     Instead of “build it, they will come”, the Main Street design addresses development from a three-pronged model: social (the people of the community and the celebrations of culture and heritage); economic (the business, residential, and government activity of the district); and environmental (the look and feel).

By using a balanced method for revitalizing our downtown, Farmville Downtown Partnership (FDP) brings to the table our public-private partner- ships with the Town of Farmville and Prince Edward County. The wealth of skills, talents, and enthusiasm we receive from faculty, staff, and students of both of our colleges offers a vitality and vision of which other communities can only dream.

On March 25th, Farmville Downtown Partnership (Downtown Farmville) celebrates our third official birthday. The past three-plus years have been filled with change and excitement. We have been busy with the process of creating  a  stronger  organization through which to drive a more effective revitalization effort. We have begun implementing new programs and activities we believe will make your Farmville Downtown a  more exciting place  to  visit,  bring  your  friends, do business, and have fun.

Farmville Downtown Partnership is more than the people who own property or a business in Downtown. It’s YOU: the people who love Downtown.  You are Farmville Downtown: the beat of the Heartland.