Survival Tips for the Heart of Virginia Festival

The Heart of Virginia Festival rolls around this weekend. Once described as our “great big family reunion” by Ken Woodley, editor of The Farmville Herald, the streets will be full of fun things to do and see. You’re guaranteed to run into all your favorite people from around town. Find out more about this year’s festival at

1. Visit the other end of Main Street.


Downtown stores will hold their annual Heart of Virginia Festival Sidewalk Sale. This year there will be street musicians to serenade you while you shop for a bargain.

2. Bring your appetite!


Food vendors line the streets offering everything from homemade ice-cream to the ubiquitous (and delicious) meat on a stick.

3. Pack some earplugs.


Banjos. Guitars. Drums. You never know what you’ll hear at the festival. Not everyone can be a fan and some of the music may not be to your taste. More importantly, the fireworks may be a bit much for sensitive young ears.

4. Don’t forget one of these …


While we’re talking about the younger generation it’s worth mentioning that all this walking will likely tire them out. One of these will make your life easier as the day wears on. It’s also a convenient place to stash all the goodies you found at the sidewalk sale.

5. Lemonade… Because, lemonade.


It’s thirsty work walking up and down High and Main streets, but there are usually plenty of vendors with delicious fresh-made lemonade to refresh you for the next round of fun.

6. Beware the pop guns.


Beloved by all humans with a single digit age, your child WILL want one. The familiar POP! will echo up and down High and Main Streets.

7. Bring your funny bone.


Entertainment abounds and when funny guys like Teddy Spaghetti show up the chuckles aren’t far away.

8. Grab a guide map.


There is a LOT to see and do. One of these handy-dandy guides will make it easier to find the right things at the right times.

9. Just because …


…You can’t write about the Heart of Virginia Festival without mentioning the fireworks!