The Heart of the Heartland: Thriving Nonprofits in Downtown Farmville

Despite Farmville’s small size, residents have numerous opportunities to contribute
positively to their community. Many of these opportunities exist as nonprofit organizations and reside in the Downtown area, within easy reach of residents’ homes and workplaces. These groups help residents in need and give residents a chance to assist their peers. To many, their persistent spirit of giving characterizes life in Farmville.

The Pregnancy Support Center of Southside Virginia is one of these benevolent
organizations. The group focuses on providing essential resources to women and informing them
about all available pregnancy options. An introductory page on their website encouragingly
notes, “Our services are free and confidential and are available regardless of income, race, or

FACES Food Pantry follows a similar philosophy, but instead with attention to
providing food to low-income residents. These organizations’ emphasis on accessibility to
critical resources epitomizes the spirit of giving within Farmville.

While organizations like the Pregnancy Support Center cater to residents in specific
circumstances, others prove beneficial to anyone and everyone in town. The Farmville Area
Chamber of Commerce, founded originally in 1948, promotes quality experiences for residents and business owners throughout the community. Their website proudly states, “Alongside our members, we provide educational initiatives, promote tourism, serve as advocates for local businesses, and seek opportunities to aid a diverse and growing population.” With such broad aims and responsibilities, the Chamber of Commerce serves everyone in the community in some capacity. Similarly, the Commonwealth Regional Council helps individuals and groups plan and coordinate “a variety of technical and program services.” These organizations expansive missions enable them to assist a myriad of individuals, regardless of specific situations.

Every nonprofit organization in Farmville accepts donations and/or volunteers in some
capacity. Anyone wishing to get involved should consult individual organizations’ websites for
more information.

Residents of Farmville cherish the opportunities provided by nonprofits, whether they
benefit from the services themselves or from volunteer experiences. Jen Cox, Director of Local and Community Relations at Longwood University, says that “the Farmville community has a vast array of non-profits working to assist those in our community who most need assistance.” She also says that “one of the great aspects about living in Farmville is that residents give selflessly of their time. Our non-profit organizations in the area work off the strength of local volunteers as well as dedicated staff.” Between communal efforts to look out for one’s neighbors and a strong desire to give back, Downtown Farmville is a wonderful place to spend time and create fond memories.